Snow…My first love. Well, other than sitting in my Power Rangers underwear watching Looney Tunes. Which is funny because the first time I really got a taste of snowboarding, I quit. One run and I never touched the stupid thing for a whole season. Snowboarding is the other part of my brain now. It has been what I love for the past 5 years. This may sound like a serious cliché but I look at it as a canvas. A giant blank canvas that I can do whatever I want. It isn’t like biking where the majority of time spent is on a shaped dirt trail. I can choose to charge the center of the trail or take my time and throw a couple slashes through a tree run. Its the ultimate landscape to test creativity. Which again is kind of Ironic because I’m not one to share my creative side as read in my first post.






However creativity on my canvas has been one single icy and patchy trip up to Alyeska this year. It seems to have been the hardest of my winter seasons. The odd weather patterns, lack of snow, and my responsible decision to go back to school have really caused me to put the paint brush down this year.





It has only brought hope for next year. Hope to get the 3+ consecutive days of powder, tours into the backcountry, cans of Coors Light at the end of the day, and that grin that you just can’t seem to get off your face. I know one day in the future my creaking joints won’t want me to strap in anymore, but I can almost guarantee you that canvas will never be finished. I will never sign the bottom…





                            Wax off. Photo Credit: Matt Hernandez





Biking… seems to be the thing that most consumes my free thought when winter vanishes. It’s what I look towards to really feel the energy to pursue my adventures. Whether it be a form of media like reading a bike mag, or taking a full day with friends to take our bikes apart only to put them back together (also an excuse to kill a case of libations), it really ramps the stoke meter up.


It may sound quite ridiculous to some but the feel of every turn of the crank as it creeps to the top of a technical singletrack is extremely rewarding. It burns, it diminishes my stamina, it makes me regret that choice of a greasy burger over a salad at lunch. The reward however is the way back down. The smooth rollers, the solid bank turns, and the natural air conditioning, and last but definitely not least be greeted with an ice cold brew at the bottom. It’s healthy, it’s exhilarating, it keeps me happy and I look forward to experiencing more than just my local trails here in Anchorage.



This time writing wins…


Before you get a solid painting of who I really am, I am telling you the rare side. I am not someone who usually enjoys a “good book”, I am not the person who completes essays for courses in a timely manner, and I am most certainly not one for spending time to write anything on my own time for any purpose other than signing a receipt. I am however a person with a million thoughts, a million ideas, and searching for a million adventures to experience. So this is my newest idea, sharing these thoughts with you through what I used to see as only something that I had to complete to get through school.

Searching for the next trail…